The Advantage Of Lasik Over Contact Lenses

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Contact lenses have helped many people see more clearly over the years. Contact lenses free those with poor vision from wearing appearance-altering glasses and, in some instances, provide better vision than glasses can. However, contact lenses also cause problems for some wearers. If you find yourself frequently fighting with your contact lenses, you should consider having Lasik surgery. Contact Irritation Some wearers find contacts uncomfortable. Ill-fitting lens can irritate the eye, as can lenses that do not allow enough oxygen to penetrate through the lens.
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Three Homemade Face Masks to Treat Dry Skin in Winter

Posted on: 7 October 2015

Is your skin feeling drier than usual as the weather starts to cool off? It's not abnormal to develop dry skin at this time of year, since the air in the winter tends to be drier. Before you rush to the store and spend a fortune on moisturizing creams and masks, though, try making one of these homemade masks. All three call for safe, easy-to-find ingredients and are designed to add moisture back to your dry, flaky skin.
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Vision Loss Caused By Many Eye Diseases Can Be Restored With Ayurveda Herbal Medicine Treatment

Posted on: 23 September 2015

You must have good eyesight in order to perform activities of your daily living. However, some people develop eye diseases. Some diseases result in loss of vision, and so it's important for you to consult with your ophthalmologist if you notice that your vision is becoming blurry. You should also seek help when you have any other symptoms such as eye pain. New trends such as Ayurveda medicine can help restore your vision, and you should take advantage of this herbal medicine, which has the capacity to restore your eyesight.
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4 Things You Need To Know About Cold Urticaria

Posted on: 2 September 2015

It's common knowledge that exposure to allergens can lead to hives, but other things can also lead to the formation of these itchy welts. Surprisingly, even cold weather can lead to this uncomfortable reaction. Doctors call this condition cold urticaria; here are four things you need to know about it. What are the symptoms of cold urticaria? People with cold urticaria develop itchy, red welts on their skin following exposure to cold temperatures.
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