Exercise Options When You Need Knee Replacement Surgery

Posted on: 28 July 2016

If you have degenerative arthritis in your knees and you have been told you need a knee replacement, it may be painful for you to exercise. While staying active is the best way to combat stiffness from arthritis, how you exercise will have to change if your knees are painful when you engage in activities. If you're a runner, you may have to ease off of the running a bit and find other exercises that don't cause as much stress to your knee joints.
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After Your Broken Elbow: Restoring Full Use Of Your Arm

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Your broken elbow has been a literal pain the neck -- arm-- for several weeks. However, once the sling is off, you'll be more than happy to dive into activity again. However, it's typical that your elbow joint will be very still after the broken bones have healed. You will have to do some rehabilitation on the joint before you are able to bring it back to full usability. Here is what you can expect when helping your elbow fully recover.
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3 Negative Effects Of Hearing Loss On Young Kids

Posted on: 30 June 2016

If your toddler child is not saying a lot of words or is having trouble learning things, there is a chance he or she might have hearing loss. Hearing loss can be mild or severe, but it is something that can be damaging to a child's learning abilities and development. Here are several effects hearing loss can have on a child if it is left untreated. Speaking Problems Children learn to speak and say words from hearing them.
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Important Advice About Proper Etiquette For A Baby's Funeral

Posted on: 16 June 2016

If your friend or loved one has recently had a baby pass away, it can be challenging to know what you can do to make things easier on the family in the days surrounding the funeral. Although it is rarely easy to attend a funeral for someone you know, the emotional issues relating the death of a baby make the entire situation even more difficult to get through. If you are unsure about the proper etiquette for attending a baby's funeral and you would like to minimize the burdens of the grieving parents as much as possible, the following advice will be very helpful.
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