What Are In-The-Canal Hearing Aids?

Posted on: 20 July 2023


If you need to purchase new hearing aids soon, but you don't like the way behind-the-ear hearing aids feel on your ears, you may struggle to find the right hearing aids for your needs. Hearing aids come in a wide range of styles, including in-the-canal hearing aids. The hearing aids fit completely inside your ear canals. Learn more about hearing aids that fit inside your ear canals and how to buy them below.

What Are In-the-Canal Hearing Aids?

Although behind-the-ear, or BTE, hearing aids can improve your ability to hear and decipher sounds, they may not be something you wish to wear long-term. The earpieces, or cases, that wrap around your ears may not feel comfortable to you. You can replace your behind-the-ear hearing aids with in-the-canal hearing aids instead.     

In-the-canal, or ITC, hearing aids are hearing devices that fit directly inside your ear canals. The devices don't come with earpieces or other components that wrap around your ears. Hearing specialists generally custom-design ITC hearing aids to fit the measurements of their clients' ear canals. The devices fit comfortably inside the ear canals without becoming loose and falling out.  

ITC hearing aids work best for individuals who suffer from mild to moderately severe loss of hearing. If you think ITC hearing aids will feel more comfortable for you, contact a hearing specialist or doctor about your hearing devices today. 

How Do You Buy In-the-Canal Hearing Aids? 

A hearing specialist or doctor will need to know more about your hearing loss before they can provide the in-the-canal hearing devices you need. You want to ensure that in-the-canal hearing aids can improve your hearing without compromising your safety or the safety of the people around you. If necessary, you may need to undergo a hearing test before you buy the devices you need.

After your hearing test, a specialist or doctor will ask you to choose the type of ITC hearing aids you wish to buy. ITC aids can fit partially or fully inside your ear canals. If you don't want anyone to know that you wear hearing aids, you may choose aids that fit fully inside your ear canals. However, both types of hearing devices are small and discreet in size.  

After you select the devices you wish to wear, a specialist or doctor will make molds or models of your ear canals. A specialist or doctor will use the models to customize your hearing devices. 

Learn more about in-the-canal hearing aids by consulting a hearing aid doctor today.