Suitable Exercises During Spinal Rehabilitation

Posted on: 22 December 2020


When you are in spinal rehab, you may wonder what activities you can do on your own time to facilitate treatment and avoid injury. Low-impact activities are the key to your health. These are activities that allow your bones to absorb less force as you work out. This guide describes the exercises often recommended for people with injuries and health conditions. Spinal rehab is a great tool for improving your health, especially after an injury. You can work with your doctor to find the option that best works for your treatment plan and your body.


Cycling, even on a stationary bike, is a great way to improve your physical health while also maintaining the health of your spine. It is also easy on your knees, providing you with an outlet that doesn't put additional strain on your body.

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are also great for your knees and joints. These machines also allow you to practice good posture, a staple of spinal rehab. You can also move at your own pace while getting some great cardio.

Hiking and Walking

Of course, hiking and walking are also great for the whole body when they are performed safely. Walking around the block a few times is enough to help you get some cardio in while also keeping your back healthy and injury-free.


Pilates is a gentle but strength-building form of exercise. Pilates helps you develop muscle while also keeping your body in good form. Pilates and spinal rehab both require that you have good form, so they go hand in hand during your exercise.


Swimming is a gentle exercise, but it is also a full-body workout. When you swim, whether you do laps or water aerobics, you can build strength and stamina without injuring your back further.


Yoga is another exercise that is all about alignment. When you do the poses, you should pay extra attention to your spin and body positions.

Strength Training

While you should certainly start slow under the guidance of a professional, you may also consider strength training. You do not have to lift heavy weights, but you can still focus on using good form while you work out.

Discuss Activities With Your Doctor

Of course, you should always speak with a professional before you exercise as part of your spinal rehab plan. Speak with spinal rehab professional before you attempt any of these exercises alone.