3 Types Of Organizations To Improve Healthcare In Other Countries

Posted on: 18 November 2017


You may be interested in making a donation or volunteering your time to help improve healthcare in other countries, such as through a Kenyan charity. There are numerous agendas you can choose to support that may set these countries on a path to improve the quality of life and reduce mortality rates.

Vaccinations And Clean Water

Some organizations choose to focus on increasing vaccination rates and providing citizen of developing countries with access to clean drinking water. Both goals are fundamental in decreasing disease outbreaks and reducing mortality due to illness that are rarely seen in developed nations. For example, common childhood vaccinations in developed nations have made illnesses, such as polio, measles, mumps, and whooping cough almost unheard of. Unfortunately, these types of illnesses continue to plague some countries because vaccinations are not routinely available. Clean water initiatives reduce the instance of waterborne diseases, such as cholera outbreaks and infections with E. coli. Simple remedies, such as supplying citizens with packets or tablets used to sanitize existing water are easy to transport to other countries and can sanitize gallons of water with a single dose.

Maternal-Fetal Health

Many developing countries have high birth rates with high rates of maternal and fetal death. In the age of advanced care for expecting mothers, many countries do not have the basic technology used for prenatal care and delivery. You may want to invest in an organization that provides portable ultrasound equipment so midwives can monitor both mother and baby during the pregnancy. In many cases, the only point of care is through a midwife and if complications arise, the nearest hospital may be days away. Routine monitoring of mother and baby can help midwives make the decision whether the mother should try to make it to the hospital before the problem worsens. Other important medical advances include basic supplies to stop hemorrhaging after delivery, which is a common cause of death.


Many types of organizations with an emphasis on educating citizens of other countries can have a profound impact on healthcare. One type of education may include health education and family planning. There still exists misconceptions regarding the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the use of birth control methods. Not only can better education and access to birth control reduce the rate of STIs, but it may reduce the instance of unplanned pregnancy. Other educational initiatives include organizations that focus specifically on young girls. Many young girls must leave their education behind due to family obligations, such as helping their parents take care of or financially support their siblings. Helping as many young girls as possible stay in school can reduce the risks associated with teenage pregnancy and poverty.

With many avenues to improve healthcare in other countries, there are numerous ways you can lend support.