Your Annual Eye Exam

Posted on: 26 September 2017


Whether you have been wearing glasses for years or have perfect 20/20 vision, an annual eye exam is recommended to maintain your vision. Having an ophthalmologist perform an eye care exam only takes a short moment but getting information on what you need to do to maintain your ocular health will benefit you into your senior years. If you just want to schedule your eye exam and then go back to your regular everyday life, here's what to do.

Keep Track Of Your Eye Exams

At approximately the same time every year you need to have your eyes tested. After an eye exam your pupils will remain dilated for a little while and you'll be more sensitive to light, but your eye doctor will ensure that you are not developing cataracts or need to have a corrective eye procedure. Find what month you had your last eye exam and schedule your new follow-up appointment to take place the next year, within approximately 30 calendar days. This will help you to go too long without having your next eye care exam, and if you have medical insurance that picks up the costs, your out of pocket expenditures will be minimal.

Prepare Your Eyes

If you wear novelty contact lenses, play virtual reality games, or work in a manner which strains your eyes, give yourself some time to recoup before going for an eye exam. Your vision will be tested precisely when you go for your annual eye care visit. In addition to reading off of an eye exam chart, your ophthalmologist will want to see if you are near or far sighted or if you need corrective lenses. If you have recently strained your eyes due to working on a computer for hours without a break or wore contacts that could inhibit your vision, your eye care test results will not be accurate.

Try to not sit too close to the television, to read books in optimal lighting, and to treat your eyes gingerly ahead of your next upcoming eye care exam. Your ophthalmologist might have to retest you if your test results are inconsistent. There shouldn't be too sharp of a change between your eye exam results from year to year unless you have developed some type of a visual disorder. Remember to visit your primary care physician and dentist on an annual basis so that your eye care exam results are as accurate as possible.

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