Why Should Your Business Hire a 24-Hour Case Managers?

Posted on: 24 February 2017


When you're running a small company that can sometimes put workers at risk of injury, it's important to have the proper insurance in place. However, it's also smart to ensure that you use nurse case management services. These case managers can provide you and your employees with a number of benefits, including those below.

They Handle Paperwork

The first thing that a nursing case manager will do is to assist any injured employee with completing the appropriate paperwork. Any injury requires documentation for your company's insurance carrier, and at times that paperwork can be hard to understand and cumbersome to complete after an injury.

The case manager can meet with the injured employee to assess their situation and help them complete necessary forms before any deadlines. They can also provide further guidance about what actions the insurance company will take after receiving the documents. If there are internal company documents that your employees must fill out after they are hurt, the case manager can ensure those are delivered within a timely manner.

They Assist with Medical Treatment

After seeing a physician, a nurse case manager will look at the treatment plan and take steps to help the employee follow it. That might mean facilitating home health care or arranging transport to the doctor for checkups. They will keep checking in with the employee to be sure they are paying attention to the doctor's orders and progressing well.

They Create Modified Work Duties

When the doctor and nurse case manager agree that the employee can return to work, they might not be able to perform all of their past duties because of their injury. A nurse case manager can work with you to modify work duties in a way that allows the employee to work without making the injury worse or overwhelming them. This can be essential for the employee, who can then earn their salary again, and important for you, as you'll have a worker back on the job so that production can stay high.

They Communicate with All Parties

A nurse case manager will serve as a liaison between you, the employee, the insurance company and all others. That enables all parties to have a clear understanding of the situation at any time and makes sure that you're all on the same page.

Because of all the help they provide, nurse case managers can be vital partners for yourself and your workers. To learn more about 24-hour case managers, contact services like Accu-Care Nursing Service Inc.