3 Reasons To Consider A Walk-In Tub

Posted on: 9 January 2017


Bathing and showering can often be a very dangerous and difficult task for older individuals or those with disabilities, mostly because of the safety hazards and strain of getting in and out of a slippery bathtub. However, a walk-in tub can actually help you offset a lot of those difficulties and making them much more relaxing and easier for you to bathe. Listed below are three reasons to consider a walk-in tub.

Less Of A Safety Hazard

One of the biggest reasons to consider a walk in tub is the fact that it will present less of a safety hazard when it comes time to bathe. The primary reason for this is that you no longer have to step over the rim of the tub when you are getting into or out of the bathtub. This is especially important when you consider that the remove the bathtub can be extremely slippery when wet, which greatly increase the chances that someone will end up tripping and hurt themselves when they are getting into or out of the tub.

Instead, a walk-in tub will have the floor the tub almost perfectly flush with the floor of the bathroom. As a result, when you get into the tub you can simply open the door and walk directly in without having a tripping hazard to deal with. In addition, many walk-in tubs will actually incorporate other safety features as well, such as textured floors to prevent slipping when you are standing in the tub or handles that you can use to grip onto when lowering yourself into the tub.

Easier On Your Body

Another reason to consider a walk-in tub is that it will be much easier on your body in the long run. The reason for this is that the tub itself can be customized with a number of features that can help you get into and out of the top more easily, such as seating within the tub so that you do not have to lower yourself all the way down to the floor of the tub, which can be extremely difficult for elderly or disabled individuals.

More Relaxing

Finally, a walk-in tub is fantastic for older or disabled individuals because it can be quite a bit more relaxing than a traditional tub, especially if you have muscle or joint pain. The reason for this is that walk-in tubs tend to be quite a bit deeper than a traditional tub, which means that it is much easier for you to get into the tub and submerge the majority of your body and allow the hot water to soak into your body and relax you.

Speak to a contractor today in order to discuss the possibility of adding a walk-in tub it to your bathroom and the benefits that this can provide. A walk in tub is a fantastic option for older individuals or those with disabilities because it is less of a safety hazard, easier on your body, and more relaxing. For more information, see a website such as http://www.twincitystairlifts.com.