End The Discomfort Of Dry Eye Syndrome: Treating Dry Eyes

Posted on: 28 September 2016


When the eye doesn't produce enough tears to lubricate itself properly, a patient is often diagnosed with dry eye. The condition can also be due to tears evaporating too quickly to work or to tears not being produced consistently enough. The condition is irritating and leads to various other problems if left untreated. Here's all you need to know to treat dry eye quickly and effectively.

T Is for Tears

Tears don't have to be real to lubricate the eye. The moisture can come from artificial sources. Whatever you do, make sure the liquid is designed for lubricating the eye so it doesn't cause other problems, like infections. Don't use water in your eye, either; only use official, over-the-counter medication.

If you wear contact lenses, read the instructions before use. Some artificial tears aren't designed for use with contact lenses.

E Is for Eye Doctor

Speak to your optician about your dry eyes. They could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition or may progress to something worse. Your optician will be able to check the health of your eyes and rule out anything serious.

Your eye doctor will also be able to prescribe artificial tears. These tend to be thicker and longer lasting for more severe cases. You'll also be able to ask your eye doctor about treatments if you're pregnant.

A Is for Asking Your Doctor

As mentioned, your dry eye could be a symptom of something else, so talk to your general doctor as well. You'll want to rule out any medical condition or problem with your health. The lubrication will only help the symptom, and this symptom will persist unless your medical condition is treated. Sometimes the health conditions cannot be treated. For example, aging and menopause are both linked to dry eye.

R Is for Rectify

It may be a case that your tear duct is blocked. This may be rectified within your eye doctor's office or through home treatments. For example, using warm compresses on your eyes can soothe the burning sensation and help to cure the blockage. You may also need to have medical treatments to remove the problem.

Dry eye is a condition that affects many people. It is due to aging, hormonal changes, and even medication you are on. Artificial tears are the most commonly used treatment option to soothe dry eye, but they won't resolve an underlying condition. Talk to a doctor like those at the Eye And Laser Center Of Fort Collins to get to the bottom of it for full treatment.