Exercise Options When You Need Knee Replacement Surgery

Posted on: 28 July 2016


If you have degenerative arthritis in your knees and you have been told you need a knee replacement, it may be painful for you to exercise. While staying active is the best way to combat stiffness from arthritis, how you exercise will have to change if your knees are painful when you engage in activities. If you're a runner, you may have to ease off of the running a bit and find other exercises that don't cause as much stress to your knee joints. While you can still enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, focusing on exercises such as biking and swimming will take the pressure off of your knees.

Take a Walk in the Water

If you have a pool nearby, you can walk or run in the shallow end to get exercise. Your heart rate will still increase, and you will build up muscles. When you are partially submerged in water, there is less pressure put on your knee joints when you walk or run. If you love walking but it is too painful, find a pool so that you can continue to enjoy this activity. You can also add in swimming to your exercise routine, as swimming improves cardiovascular health and keeps your body in excellent alignment while you are working out. There is very little pressure, if any, felt on your knees when you are swimming laps.

Enjoy a Bike Ride

For those that love to exercise outdoors, a bike ride is an excellent option. If your knees are particularly sore, you may need to avoid hills so that the pressure isn't too great on your knees while you are biking. If you are struggling to pedal the bike because of stiffness in your knees, you can try a recumbent bike which doesn't require you to bend your knees as much. If you are in need of a knee replacement, don't push it too hard if your knees are hurting during an activity because this will only cause more pain.

Take a Yoga Class

Yoga isn't only for those that can bend and stretch like a gymnast. You can take a yoga class, even if you are struggling to bend your knees. You can modify most yoga poses to accommodate any difficulties you may have. Just remember that yoga is not a competition, and simply moving, stretching and pushing your body to try new things will help you get into better shape. 

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