Keeping An Elderly Relative Safe When Using A Lift Chair

Posted on: 29 February 2016


If you have an elderly relative living in your home, and they suffer from mobility issues, you have most likely considered purchasing a lift chair to make the trip between upper and lower levels easier for them. When shopping around for a lift chair, you should be on the look out for the way they are constructed so you purchase one with ample safety measures incorporated into the assembly of the product. Here are some tips to use when selecting a lift chair to help keep your aging relative safe while utilizing the equipment.

Select A Seat That Swivels

When picking out a lift chair, make sure the seat portion moves back and forth. A stationary seat may seem safer, however, when your relative tries to get out of the seat, they may have difficultly maintaining a sturdy grip on the flooring. This could have dire consequences if they are trying to get out of the lift chair on the top of a staircase. Try several models to see how much force is needed to push the chair outward. Some chairs will offer an automatic turning feature by pushing a button, making it easy for your relative to grasp their feet to the floor when exiting the chair.

Check For Seat Belt Restraints

It is a good idea to pick a lift chair that comes equipped with a seat belt feature. This way, the elderly person will feel confident in staying in the chair as it moves up and down the staircase. The seat beat restraint should have a clasp that is easy to lock and unlock. Have your relative come along when shopping for a lift chair so they can test several models to see if the seat belt can be used without difficulty.

Choose The Right Control Buttons

While having an abundance of features on a chair seems like a great idea, it is often confusing for an elderly person to learn where different knobs and controls are located to access them. Your lift chair should be equipped with buttons to stop, start, accelerate and decelerate. Limiting the control panel with only a few knobs will make it easier for your relative to work the chair without frustration. Make sure your relative can push or turn the knobs without trouble during your trip to shop for a chair so you do not end up with one they are unable to control on their own.

One control that will come in handy is a call button. This will alert others in the home that your relative is having difficulty with their chair so someone can come to their aid. Make sure there is a light on the lift chair indicating when the battery is in need of charging. This will help you keep on top of when to plug the battery to re-energize in between uses so the chair does not stop midway between floors with your relative inside.