Benefits And Drawbacks Of Laser And Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

Posted on: 9 February 2016


When considering having a hair removal procedure, it is important to think about the options available to you. There are typically two types of hair removal procedures used in medi-spas and dermatology clinics-intense pulse light and laser hair removal. Each of these has their benefits and drawbacks:

Intense Pulse Light

Intense pulse light is a form of hair removal that uses a powerful flash tube that delivers a photon emission that can remove hair on the body. It can deliver photon emissions ten to twenty times greater in coverage than a standard laser, which allows the technician to complete the procedure much more quickly and efficiently. 

Intense pulse light hair removal is typically a less expensive option than laser removal procedures. One of the main contributors to these savings is the fact that the equipment can complete more procedures than laser. This form of hair removal also reduces the chance of pitting around the hair follicle since the hair is not vaporized.

One major drawback to intense pulse light is the fact that it does not perform identically across all skin types. Those with dark skin, for instance, should not undergo this type of hair removal as it can result in skin burns and hypo or hyperpigmentation. This procedure is best for those with fair skin and dark terminal hairs.


Laser hair removal is great for those who want a more immediate improvement. Lasers remove the hair above the skin so that the results are seen quickly, although they do disable the follicles under the skin to prevent future hair growth.

Laser hair removal selectively targets dark and course hairs that can keep the skin safe and undamaged. Each pulse of the laser is very fast, and each treatment typically results in precise, permanent hair loss. It also results in fewer painful ingrown hairs.

The drawback is that laser hair removal will often require several sessions in order to get an ideal result. The procedure should occur in a series of consecutive treatments every four to six weeks in order to remove all of the offending hair.

The main drawback to all laser hair removal is that not everyone will be a candidate. Before the procedure can take place, a thorough consultation will have to take place, including a full skin typing to ensure the procedure is safe. In addition, make sure to avoid any sun exposure before the consultation, as the practitioner will need to accurately match your skin. To learn more, contact a company like The Sheen Vein Institute