Cases Where A Compounding Pharmacy Is Necessary

Posted on: 6 January 2016


The average doses of medication sold by pharmacies will work for many people, but there are cases where a compounding pharmacy is the best choice. Here are some cases where you should visit a compounding pharmacy. 

When the Dosage is Incorrect for Your Size

Mass produced medication is designed to meet the needs of most users. If you fall well outside the range of a normal adult, you may need to have the medication made in a smaller or larger dose than usual. 

Compounding pharmacies can be especially useful if the patient is an animal or a child. Sometimes, mainstream medications aren't available for these populations because there isn't enough demand. In this case, compounding pharmacies can help to provide access to a wider range of medications. 

When You Have Strong Reactions to Medication

If you have had very strong side effects from medications in the past, then you may be sensitive to chemical interactions in your body. Speak with your doctor to see whether a smaller dose of medication could be effective for you. 

When You Have Allergies

Some forms of administering mediation can cause allergic reactions. For instance, the casing and dyes in some pills can be an allergen to patients. If you have had trouble with capsules before, then a compounding pharmacy can help you by putting the medication into another form of administration. Creams and edible liquids are two alternate forms that can be created specially for you. 

When the Patient Needs Special Administration

At the same time, you may need to use a compounding pharmacist if the patient has an aversion to the form of medication that's prescribed. For instance, a compounding pharmacist can be useful if the patient is afraid of taking pills to the point where it interferes with their compliance to the medication. 

How to Gain Access to a Compounding Pharmacist

Before you seek out the help of a compounding pharmacist, you will need to get a specialized prescription for your medication, including the exact dosage and form of administration. You may need to do a little research to find the most trusted compounding pharmacist; you can request a tour of the facility to make sure that they are working with high quality ingredients in state-of-the-art facilities. Getting the correct dosage can take a few trials, but with the help of a great compounding pharmacist you can take the next step towards creating a personalized medication routine. 

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