The Advantage Of Lasik Over Contact Lenses

Posted on: 20 October 2015


Contact lenses have helped many people see more clearly over the years. Contact lenses free those with poor vision from wearing appearance-altering glasses and, in some instances, provide better vision than glasses can. However, contact lenses also cause problems for some wearers. If you find yourself frequently fighting with your contact lenses, you should consider having Lasik surgery.

Contact Irritation

Some wearers find contacts uncomfortable. Ill-fitting lens can irritate the eye, as can lenses that do not allow enough oxygen to penetrate through the lens. Often, the lens is simply scratched or carries dirty deposits. Sometimes the problem can be corrected by changing contact brands or being refitted for lenses, but some eye conditions can make wearing contacts difficult. If you have dry eye, conjunctivitis, or an allergy, contacts may not work well for you. 

Care Requirements

Contact lenses require that you follow a strict care regimen. You must wash your hands before you handle your lenses, otherwise you are transferring bacteria from your fingertips to your eyes, which can cause devastating infections. You must soak your contacts each night in fresh solution. Many people reuse their solution or just add more to the amount left in the contact container, diminishing the solution's ability to kill harmful bacteria. This carelessness can cause temporary or even permanent eye damage. Keeping contacts properly maintained takes time and effort. 

Lasik Advantages

Lasik surgery can give you excellent vision while freeing you from contact problems. The surgery improves 95% of patients' vision to 20/40 or better. The surgery usually takes less than thirty minutes to complete. After an initial healing period, the results are usually permanent, although you may need reading glasses as you age. Lasik is a financial investment that is not covered by insurance, but it will pay for itself after a few years since you will no longer have the estimated $400 annual cost for your contacts. You will also experience the freedom of waking up in the morning and being able to instantly see clearly. 

Contact lenses have been an effective visual aid for decades, but they have their limitations. Lasik surgery offers many advantages if you suffer from poor vision. You will be free from contact irritation problems and care routines, and you will also save money in the long run. The joy of getting up each day and seeing well without help cannot be underestimated. If you have been tied to contact lenses, consider undoing the bonds and getting Lasik surgery.