Nagging Sports Injury That Won't Heal? Stop Taking Pain Medication And Get Treatment

Posted on: 18 August 2015


If you're suffering from a sports related injury and you can't get it to fully heal, you'll want to ask your physician for a recommendation for physical therapy and other therapeutic treatments. There are many benefits to these types of treatments instead of taking medication.

The medication is only going to help relieve the pain you have from the injury, not treat it. Here are a few things to talk with your physician about and seek treatment for, to start healing the area where you have pain.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles and the ligaments where the injury took place will help prevent further irritation, and it makes the area stronger. This puts less strain on the injured area while you're working out or just doing daily activities. For those having a hard time with impact and pain, aquatic physical therapy can be used for treatment. Eagle Center Physical Therapy is a physical therapy clinic in your area you can visit for more information.

Ultrasonic Treatment

Although researchers haven't pinpointed exactly why ultrasound therapy works, it's used by medical professionals worldwide to help heal injuries and treat pain. The machine will send light and sound waves around and through the injury to stimulate the tissues. They may use this at a sports medicine office, at your physician's office, or at a chiropractor's office.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy by a professional is a great way to both heal the injured area, along with help the surrounding areas that are sore from supporting the injury. The massage therapist massages sore tissues to improve blood flow, and bring fresh oxygen rich blood to the area to heal the tissues. It also relieves muscle tension and tightness that can cause pain and can lead to re-injuring the area. Regular treatments after therapy can be very relaxing and beneficial for the patient.

If you are taking medication every day to try to mask the pain of your sports injury and you don't think that it has ever healed right, you need to take some time off and get the injury treated. You could be doing permanent damage to the area if you aren't getting the treatment needed, and therapy can help you be stronger and a better athlete. Talk with your medical professional about getting physical therapy completed to help with injury that you have, and see if ultrasound therapy and massage therapy are other options that can help ease and eliminate the pain.