5 Benefits of a School Uniform Policy

Posted on: 10 February 2015


Many people have debated the pros and cons of uniform in school, but as the years go by more and more educational institutions are implementing school uniform policies for their students. While not every parent and student is going to love school uniforms, a number of benefits have been found in schools that require uniforms. Some of the biggest benefits include the following.

Less of an Emphasis on Clothing

Many kids, especially teenagers, see clothes as a status symbol, which can separate those who can afford designer labels and name brands from those who are not able to buy those items. As a result, some kids report feeling picked on or having a low self-esteem because they don't fit in other students. With a school uniform policy, all students wear similar items so there is less of an emphasis on what each person is wearing, and more of a focus on education.

A Sense of School Spirit

Most schools that mandate uniforms allow for several variations of outfits, typically in school colors. Since everyone is wearing the school colors and there is a sense of uniformity, it boosts the feelings of being a community. In addition, wearing uniforms has been shown to help decrease competition between students, and allow for them to make deeper connections with each other.


Over the past few years, many schools have made it a point to create safer campuses. When all students are outfitted in similar clothing it makes it easier to spot the people who do not belong on campus so they can be escorted away. This helps keep students safer, which many parents appreciate.

Easier for Parents

As any parent knows, the morning routine can be hectic, and getting the family out the door and to school on time can be a monumental task. School uniforms make things much easier for parents and students in the morning, as there is no time wasted trying to figure out what clothes should be worn that day. It can also make back to school shopping less stressful and more affordable for families, as most children who wear uniforms do not require an extensive new wardrobe each fall.

Fewer Dress Code Infractions

When teachers and administrators have to spend time enforcing a dress code, it takes away from the time that they have available to educate. A school uniform policy can drastically reduce the number of dress code infractions, especially in middle schools and high schools.