Tips To Help You Move Away From A Binge-Eating Lifestyle

Posted on: 9 October 2018


Many people struggle with weight loss for different reasons. For people who struggle with a binge eating disorder, weight loss can seem like an impossible dream. However, with physical treatment and psychological help, you can walk the path of recovery. As you follow the advice of your professional caregivers at a weight loss center, follow these tips to help combat the urge to binge.

1. Spend more time with people you trust. 

A feature common with all disordered eating patterns is secrecy. It's much less likely for people to binge in public or when being nurtured by friends and family. If you are having a tough day during your recovery or if you are struggling with the urge to go back to destructive behaviors, seek out a person you trust and spend time with them instead. You might go to a movie with a friend and share a bucket of popcorn instead of eating one by yourself. You might go to a group exercise class at a local community center. Or you might just take a walk in the park with some members of your family. 

2. Follow food plans given by your counselors. 

During recovery and supervised weight loss, you will be given a specific food plan. Try to follow it. People with binge eating patterns often skip meals or choose foods that are not nourishing. Your meal plan will solve both these problems. Your meal plan will provide specific instructions for several small meals a day to help get your body used to normal sized, regularly scheduled meals. As you follow the plan, your metabolism will begin to heal and you will have more success with weight loss. 

3. Spend time doing things you enjoy. 

Food can fill your thoughts and your time. In order to find fulfillment in other activities, dedicate yourself to a skill, hobby, or interest you enjoy or have always wanted to try. You might start making quilts, planting a garden, rock climbing, making soap, running, or weight lifting. Just pick something and immerse yourself in it to help provide you with fulfillment outside of food.

4. Buy food that takes time to prepare. 

Instead of having instant foods in the house which are easier to binge on, buy ingredients that require preparation. Fast foods for snacks should be replaced by more nutritional "fast" foods like apples, oranges, and carrots that can easily be eaten in a pinch. But ingredients that require cooking make it harder for you to follow through on an urge to binge eat.