Boots: Are They Bad For Your Feet?

Posted on: 28 September 2016


Boots are just perfect for fall and winter, and for some people, they are the choice for year-round footwear. If you are a dedicated boot wearer, you may begin to notice certain problems that are cramping your feet and your style. Unfortunately, your favorites boots may not be so good for your feet. You need to keep several things in mind when purchasing new boots.

Flat Soles

You probably know that high heels can cause various foot problems, but you may not realize that going with flat soles can also cause issues. Many boots, particularly warm winter boots, are flat and offer no arch support. As a result, the tissue between your toe and heel can become painful and inflamed, a condition known as plantar fasciitis. If you have this condition, you may awake each morning with your feet aching and stiff, making getting out of bed even more challenging than usual. If you don't want to give up your warm boots, invest in an OTC arch support or see your podiatrist for a prescription orthotic. In many cases, these simple devices will be enough to relieve your problems. A better answer may be to forgo the flat soles and get a boot with a modest heel and some serious arch support.


Too often, boot lovers are swayed by the look of boots rather than their comfort level. Whether you are looking for high fashion or that rugged outdoorsman look, fit is all important to your foot health. When you stand in your boots, you should feel no pressure on your toes at all. If you have a wide foot, do not try and cram your toes into a slim-toed, pointed pair. If your big toe joint is crowded, you could develop a bunion there, a painful condition that can lead to foot surgery. You should be able to lightly kick a wall without your toes hitting the end of the boot, and if you rock up and down, your heel should not move. These tips are essential for hiking boots and other outdoor gear, but they are also applicable to your fashion boots. If your feet hurt, the boots are not good for you.

Boots are especially good for cold weather, but the wrong boot can set you up for some nasty foot issues. No matter how good your boots look, they aren't worth the price if they don't feel good and fit correctly. Buying the right boots can save you several trips to your podiatrist.