3 Negative Effects Of Hearing Loss On Young Kids

Posted on: 30 June 2016


If your toddler child is not saying a lot of words or is having trouble learning things, there is a chance he or she might have hearing loss. Hearing loss can be mild or severe, but it is something that can be damaging to a child's learning abilities and development. Here are several effects hearing loss can have on a child if it is left untreated.

Speaking Problems

Children learn to speak and say words from hearing them. As your child grows up and reaches the age of one, he or she should be saying at least a couple words. By the time the child reaches the age of two, he or she should be speaking in two-word sentences at a minimum. By this age, most children will be speaking in full sentences; however, every child develops at a different pace.

If your child cannot hear well, he or she will have a very difficult time speaking. The child will not know what to say or what sounds make up the alphabet, and this is often one of the first symptoms parents notice that alert them of this problem.

Learning Difficulties

Children also learn by hearing. They learn by hearing you read books to them and talk to them. They learn in school by listening to the teacher speak. When a child has any level of hearing loss, this process can be interrupted. The child may miss half or more of what you or the teacher says, and this will stop the child from learning all that he or she should be at the time.

Self-Esteem Troubles

In addition, a child that grows up without being able to hear properly may develop self-esteem troubles. This is especially true when children are in school and around other kids. The lack of hearing may make your child feel different or out of place. It may also cause the child to wonder what is wrong with him or her.

There is a way to avoid these issues, though, which involves taking your child to a hearing specialist like Albuquerque  Hearing Associates. The faster you can find out that there is a problem, the quicker it will be that you can find a solution for the problem. Hearing specialists offer a variety of different techniques to diagnose hearing problems, and they also offer options for treating the problem. To learn more about hearing loss and treatment options, contact a doctor that specializes in hearing problems.